Principal Investigator

Manuel Llinás Ph.D.

I am interested in the molecular mechanisms governing malaria parasite development and differentiation. To pursue this, my lab uses integrated approaches combining functional genomics, transcriptomics, molecular biology, computational biology, biochemistry, and metabolomics. The ultimate aim of my research is to better define malaria parasite biology with the goal of identifying novel therapies against this global human affliction.

Administrative Assistant

Tracey Besemer

I support the lab with all non-research related functions that help to keep things running smoothly. I also supply chocolate.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Riëtte Van Biljon Ph.D.

My project focuses on gene regulation in the Plasmodium falciparum parasite by investigating general transcriptional initiation as well as trans-regulators of orphan regulatory DNA sequence motifs.

Gabe Rangel Ph.D.

My project is focused on understanding the metabolic effect of Plasmodium drug resistance, and I am also exploring antimalarial targets that are less susceptible to evolving drug resistance.

Philippa Reuterswärd Ph.D.

My project aims to identify compounds that target transcriptional regulation in P. falciparum, and I am also interested in domains of unknown function in the parasites.

Graduate Students

Tim (TJ) Russell

My project uses chemical and genetics-based approaches to dissect the function of essential transcription factors in the malaria parasite.

Justin Munro

My projects use an array of metabolomics approaches to probe the viability of acetyl-CoA biosynthesis inhibition as an effective means of malaria treatment and transmission blocking by analyzing genetically engineered parasite lines and compound pharmacology.

Tori Bonnell

My project aims to investigate how sequence-specific transcription factors establish binding specificity in Plasmodium falciparum.

Research Assistants

Lindsey Orchard

As the lab manager, I am involved in coordinating and participating in numerous projects while also ensuring a productive, safe and fun work environment.

Tarrick Qahash

My projects are centered on using metabolomics to determine the mode of action of new antimalarial compounds as part of the Malaria Drug Accelerator (MalDA) consortium funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Undergraduate Students

Erin Kelly
Eleanor Smith

Visiting Scientists

Francois Eya'ane Meva

Fulbright Scholar (Senior Lecturer - Chemistry Univ. of Douala, Cameroon)

Hilde von Grüning(Lyn-Marie Birkholtz Lab)
Vera Mitesser(Ron Dzikowski's Lab)
Sandra Bennink(Gabi Pradel's Lab)
Riward Morillo(Björn Kafsack's Lab)
Oriol Llorà-Batlle(Alfred Cortés Lab)
Jessica Connacher(Lyn-Marie Birkholtz Lab)
Laura de Vries(Taco Kooij's Lab)
Jenna Oberstaller(John Adams' Lab)
Angelika Sturm (TropIQ)
Stile Leopold(Arjen Dondorp's Lab)
Che Julius Ngwa(Gabi Pradel's Lab)
Richard Pinapati(Michael Ferdig's Lab)
Melanie Shears(Geoff McFadden's Lab)

Visiting Students

Currently None

High School Students

Currently None


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