Culturing P. falciparum in vitro
– Basic Culture Maintenance
– Making a Smear of Malaria Culture
– Making Media for CultureBlood Films
– Washing Blood
– Culture Synchronization
– Thawing Malaria Culture
– Freezing Malaria Strains
– SYBR Green Growth Assay
– Transfection of P. falciparum
Metabolomics ProtocolsLab Notebook
– Testing for Mycoplasma (CRITICAL)
– Metabolite Extraction for LC/MS (short version)
– Metabolite Extraction for LC/MS (detailed version)
– Media Extraction for LC/MS
Labeling of RNA with 4-thiouracil
– RNA Analysis by Biosynthetic Labeling
Nucleic Acid Isolation
– Malaria Total RNA Isolation Trizol
– DNA Miniprep for Cloning or Transfections
– Genomic DNA isolationMicro Array
– Genomic DNA isolation (DNeasy)
– Ilsa’s Guide to Cloning
PCR Procedures
– Colony PCR
– Polymerase Chain Reaction for P. falciparum
Protein Procedures
– Isolation of P. falciparum proteins (Saponin lysis)
– Isolation of P. falciparum nuclear proteins
– Purification of GST-fused proteins
– Tricine Polyacrylamide Protein Gel
– Laemmli Protein Gel
– Silver staining protein gels
– Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assays (Gel-shifts)
Microarray Procedures
– RT and Amino-allyl Incorporation
– Genomic DNA Labeling
– NEW: cDNA Labeling for Agilent Arrays
– NEW: Hybridization and Washing for Agilent Arrays
– cDNA Labeling Hybridization and Washing
– Malaria Microarray Post Processing
– NEW: Protein Binding Microarray (PBM) Double Stranding
– NEW: Protein Binding Microarray (PBM) Hybing and Scanning
Making Chemically Competent E. Coli Cells